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  • foursquare foursquare log in sign up nearby get inspired top picks trending food coffee nightlife fun shopping last updated april 11 2016 see here fo a summary of changes foursquare labs inc privacy policy foursquare labs inc foursquare we knows • Found on Inout Spider

  • contractual duty you know is false misleading untruthful or inaccurate is unlawful threatening abusive harassing defamatory libelous deceptive fraud lent invasive of another s privacy tortious obscene vulgar pornographic offensive profane contains • Found on Inout Spider
  • foursquare foursquare log in sign up nearby get inspired top picks trending food coffee nightlife fun shopping last updated march 28 2016 cookies and similar technologies on foursquare does foursquare use cookies as described in the section what • Found on Inout Spider

  • backgroundimagecache false true catch e script endif style type text css font face font family roboto font style italic font weight 300 src local ro oto light italic local roboto lightitalic url fonts gstatic com s roboto v18 7m8l7tlfo • Found on Inout Spider
  • branch getenv travis branch false branch defaultfinder return branch setservicename getenv travis travis ci null setservicejobid getenv travis job i null addwriter runner addreport coveralls script adddefaultreport an annotated sample • Found on Inout Spider

  • gem coveralls require false while simplecov only supports ruby 1 9 using the coveralls gem will not fail builds on earlier rubies or other flavors o ruby configuration coveralls for ruby uses an optional coveralls yml file at the root level • Found on Inout Spider

  • phone app name meta content false property al web should fallback meta content foursquare foursq 4sq check in badges explore recommendation local re iew tip restaurant bar coffee park new york san francisco chicago london sushi pizza cocktails • Found on Inout Spider
  • g spree install migrate false sample false seed false copy views false you can always perform any of these steps later by using these commands bundl exec rake railties install migrationsbundle exec rake db migratebundle exec rake db • Found on Inout Spider
  • true editable false selectwithcontents true battles you could ask for a timeline of the beginning of the war you don rsquo t need to say ldquo first 15 battles rdquo because if one cares one can just read that from the wolfram • Found on Inout Spider

  • width in pixels lines true false if true will draw squiggly lines on the image for added security noise true false if true will draw random dots on he image for added security words true false if true will use english words instead of randomly • Found on Inout Spider
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