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    10 large our bureau ‘human touch is vital to hr management’ companies purvita chatterjee regional ice cream firms eye better valuations after ha mor lotte deal regional ice cream companies are seeking better valuations and our bureau bp to • Found on Inout Spider

    image x icon link rel apple touch icon precomposed href img metaicons touch icon 72 png sizes 72x72 link rel apple touch icon precomposed href img m taicons touch icon 76 png sizes 76x76 link rel apple touch icon precomposed href img metaicons • Found on Inout Spider

    information to getting in touch this site contains answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the • Found on Inout Spider

    our bbc news app get in touch email us at haveyoursay bbc co uk send an sms or mms to 44 7624 800100 follow have your say on twitter why you can tru t bbc news news navigation sections sections home home selected video world world home africa • Found on Inout Spider

    than ever use with pen and touch and windows ink to mark up and edit on screen 6 powerpoint create stunning presentations in minutes with powerpoint bring ideas to life with built in design tools that give you professional results — using • Found on Inout Spider


    and a display designed for touch and surface pen learn more two sizes infinitely breathtaking a new 15 touchscreen display with enhanced color and g aphics or a stunning 13 5 display both designed for pen and touch the connections you need • Found on Inout Spider


    scalex 1 transform scalex 1 touch icon button svg icon 24 button background transparent border 0 margin 0 outline none padding 0 touch icon button t uch icon focus touch icon button touch icon active background color transparent touch icon button • Found on Inout Spider

    icon link href apple touch icon precomposed png rel apple touch icon precomposed script src cdnjs cloudflare com ajax libs jquery payment 1 2 4 jque y payment min • Found on Inout Spider

    favicon ico link rel apple touch icon href https www ndtv com indian railway images railbeeps 128x128 png meta name apple mobile web app title conte t railbeeps link rel manifest href https www ndtv com indian railway manifest json meta name • Found on Inout Spider

    a programme how do i get in touch with jeremy vine more news discuss or contribute to bbc news contact bbc news contact newswatch send us a story or video editors’ blog news feeds sport sport information and help sport on the bbc help with your • Found on Inout Spider
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